First, David's warm, enthusiastic fun personality. David has a childlike joy for other people's projects and that is VERY rare. 

Second, his work is excellent. He has never submitted even a rough draft that isn't high quality. His natural creativity flows through everything and it's clear that he goes the extra mile to make his work "pop" and feel special.

I recommend you all the time! Out of all the people doing animation in North Texas I choose to work with YOU. 

The three things I tout the most about you are.

1. The breadth of your abilities. The skill to effectively utilize a wide range of software programs, giving the client options on what works best for a given project. You also offer different looks, not just one style. 

2. Your passion. This is a BIG differentiator. You bring excitement to each project — even little boring stuff — which honors the client and shows your humble heart. Your passion also comes through in your work. 

3. Your pricing is "real world" pricing that makes you accessible to a wide range of clients. I told one client, "If you go to a typical animation house, you are paying for their cool office in the Design District with a lounge area with muffins and green tea and a cute but clueless receptionist and a project manager. Then you get a designer who is not as good as David because his work isn't good enough to win clients on its own merit. 

With David you get direct access to this powerful fount of creativity.

Reid Slaughter, Bandana Media