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Video is a means to an end. It cannot be the end goal. Yet, it must propel your company, your mission, your product forward. It’s a delicate balance - videos must be great, but they cannot be distracting. Let us explain. 


Good Video Must Serve the Message

A good video always serves the message, the reason for the video in the first place. At no point can the visuals or score distract from why this video must exist.

If a viewer is more impressed with the video itself than its message, then the video has failed. Now this doesn’t mean videos are to only be a certain level of quality. It’s quite the contrary. Video must be excellently done in order for your message to even have a chance of landing its intended impact. The video just cannot become about how cool the video is.

Good Video Cannot Distract

A bad video automatically distracts. Bad audio will distract from what is being said. Bad camera shooting or gear will lead to poor visuals which will lead to people feeling sorry for the video. 

A good video beautifully (and delicately) balances all of the components of a video. It just takes one bad element to ruin an entire video. Pick the wrong voice for your VO and you will pay for it by not having anyon listen. 

There are literally hundreds of decisions that go into a video (video type, word selection, sound of VO, music selection, etc.), and they all need to be good ones. Or else your audience can get distracted and miss the whole point of a video.

Good Video Must Complement Your Culture

A good video does not define the culture of your organization. It should be the lens through which people understand your company. It should complement what your organization is always known for. If your company is lighthearted, a good video should accentuate this characteristic. If your company is adventurous, so should your video. And so forth.

It’s not rocket science. And yet, truly good videos are hard to come by. That’s why it’s good to partner with people who know the intricacies inside and out.