Recently I've had several people approach me to discuss how intimidating making a video can be. And they're right. It can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Making videos is not hard.  It just takes time and a plan to get it done.  It doesn't hurt to work with great people along the way.

First of all, we like to have fun, and we don't take ourselves too seriously.  So there is no dumb question.  If you have questions please feel free to ask. Here are the questions or sentiments that we hear the most often.

We don't know what kind of video we need.

You have a message to tell and need a megaphone.  Or you have a product or service that you want to tell the world about, but you just don't exactly know how to tell it, or what to say.  

As a consumer I need you. You may pass by on my feed on Facebook, or I might scroll by your service. You could have exactly the solution to make my life better. I just don't know about it, because I'm looking for a bite size overview of how you can help me. 

There are many types of videos that may help your customer best.  Maybe it's a short video explaining your product or service.  Maybe its a brief window into your company's culture and mission. Or maybe it's a video about the last big project you did for that big client.  I bet your customers would love to know about it.  Events, Product Promos, Campaigns, Song Backgrounds etc...

If you are interested in talking about any kind of video, we'd love to discuss it with you.  We can listen to what you have to say.  We've made many types of stories.  We've made many solutions.  With your insight, we can discover the kind of video you need.

What will it cost?

No doubt, it would be amazing if we could tell you just how much your video is going to cost immediately.  The challenge is the vast variables in all the different types, lengths, styles of videos there are. Truth is, they are not cheap, although I realize that is relative.  But great investments rarely are inexpensive.

After discussing your videos needs, we can run everything through a magic calculator to tell you the cost of what we think you need.  We can base it off of your budget or we can recommend what we think and adjust from there.

We are not sure what style we want.  

Whether you are doing an animation or a video, the style of your video needs to be picked out before we dive in too deep. 

The internet is a beautiful place. These days we can pretty much find something close to the look and feel of what you are going for.  Of course we can and will put our spin on it, but by creating a mood board we can decide a style before diving into custom designs.

Once we have created a mood board we can start concepting.  The best way I've seen to do this is create a couple of style frames, and then carry that design out in a storyboard.


What if I don't like it the first time?

No worries about vision drift.  We keep you up to date on our progress.  Each step along the way we make sure your fingerprints are all over it.  We plan on the deliverables that will keep you up to date with our progress for the whole project.  Documents such as creative briefs, mood boards, style frames, storyboards, and animation tests help keep us aligned all throughout the video making process.

We do revisions for each milestone or deliverable.  As a standard we do 2 rounds of reasonable revisions for each.  

We only need you to help us with one part

While we are a full service studio from concept to video, we also work with many clients that already have had some help in the creation of their dream video. This happens a lot.

For instance, if you have a staff writer that can put together a script, let's use that as apart of the video. If you have resources that will contribute to the video strategy you are running with, let us help you put them together in the final video.

How do we get started?

Let's just set up a time to talk about what you have going on.  Contact us through our brief questionnaire.  It will give us an idea of where you are in the process?  It may give us an idea how we can help you and make our first conversation as productive as possible.  We can't wait to help serve you.