There are a lot of good ways to promote your company and to make your brand memorable. Good marketing involves maximizing the effectiveness of each medium (photography, web, radio, video, etc) for your company.

So why use video to promote your company? Here’s 7 good reasons why.

#1: Video is Versatile

A good video can work in several different ways. It can be a brand builder on your company’s website. It can be an attention getter at a conference. Done creatively, it could go viral on social media. It could be a quick advertisement online or on television. From company newsletters to internal client promotions, the ways a good video can be used to promote your business are quite extensive.


#2: Video is Preferred

Social media channels all emphasize the importance of video in their algorithms. Compared to a standard written message or still photography, video has a significantly better chance at being viewed by your desired audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Not to mention, Forbes reported that 59% of senior executive prefer watching videos to reading text (source: WeCapture).


#3: Video is Captivating

Video has a way to captivate your audience in a way few other things can. There’s a reason why YouTube exploded onto the scene just 11 years ago. Short videos resonate with people. They inspire people to action. Videos cause people to feel emotion. Video holds the attention of crowds.


#4: Video Lingers

We all have those scenes from movies that stick with us years after we first saw them. Visuals are powerful in the way they grab our subconscious. When used for good, video can help build attachment to companies long after they have played. Online Publishers Association reported in 2007 that 80% of consumers could recall a video they had seen 30 days ago.


#5: Video is Here to Stay

Other mediums have come and gone, but video is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Televisions aren’t going away. More money is being spent to make movies than ever before. Social media sites are sharing more video than they ever have. In a time where print advertising continues to drop, video just continues to gain steam.


#6: Video is a Great Investment

Well done videos do cost good money. But if they are done well, their return can often far exceed their cost. Because video is versatile and can linger long after its airtime is gone, the reach of video is not bound by time or space. 


#7: Video Works

FunnelScience reported that landing pages with video have lead to 800% greater conversion. According to Implix, an introductory email that contains video increases the normal click-through rate by 96%. We could keep going, but this article from Virtuets covers the power of video ready well.