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In short Contract Media is a small design, motion graphic, and video production studio located in Dallas, TX.  We are a locationally loose team video, design, and animation talents spread throughout.  

David Womack founded Contract Media in 2004 as a freelancer, and since has grown to a flexible team of talents that love their craft, and even more, love the people they get to work with.


Contract Media started in 2004.  At the time I (David Womack) was working for a church and had my first client with a large project. 

I spent 8 years in the video game industry before taking a position at a large church for 6 years.  Then mini-short movies for 3 years at Igniter Media that were used in services by thousands of churches. 

I went full-time with Contract Media in 2013. Over that 20 years I have been able to work with a diverse group of geniuses and a playground of technology.  Because I've had the unique opportunity to touch such a wide breadth of skill-sets I've grown to take on all types of challenges.  


Only by God's grace have I been able to keep so busy and grow my business since I went on my own.  I/We have had to work on projects for clients as big as American Airlines or Samsung, and as small as the church down the road.  We can take a project from concept to finish or just serve you where you need.  Many of our clients have some of the work done and just need to partner with us to fill in where needed.

To this point it's been only word of mouth for advertising and yet we've grown past my own personal capacity.  We've been blessed with work from agency's, churches, and company's.  We've had the privilege to work on everything from advertisements, explainer videos, song backgrounds, cooperate videos, and more.

Through the years I've made great relationships with other artists and producers, that I now consider a team.  I can depend on them for the most simple, to the most complex of jobs.  We have been through the trenches together.  I've found real talent and integrity, two very hard things to find in the same spot.


The truth is I've yet to see the full vision for Contract Media.  I see us growing and serving those relationships with great work and enthusiasm.  

I see us engaging in a multitude of types of videos.  

I see our team growing one by one with the right talent, where needed.

I see partnering with companies to compliment our skills with their products/services.

Screens aren't going away, More and more are made every day. There is no doubt video is the most effective way to communicate your story, and we want to help you create yours.